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The PARTAGE RIVIERA Association is the result of the merger of two well-known associations on the Riviera, L'Étape in Vevey and Le Coup de Pouce in Clarens.


We help 500 families per week and the food distributed thus benefits more than 8,000 people per month.


Volunteers distribute approximately 7 to 8 tons of perishable food (vegetables, fruit, bread, meat, fish, dairy products and miscellaneous) per week as equitably as possible, or approximately 400 tons of shared and recycled food per year for an amount of approximately CHF 2.5 million.


  • Pierre-André Glauser, President

  • Gilbert Grezet, vice-president

  • Laurence Maikoff Moix, treasurer

  • Michel Wicht, member

  • Magali Borgeaud aka Lawyer

  • Marie-Laure de Preux


Responsable of distribution:

  • Michel Botalla

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